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You could choose to buy finasteride without prescription. The reason could be that you prefer not to visit your doctor to ask for a prescription. They are – together with a few commercial hair clinics – the only ones that have the authority to give you a prescription which you can bring to the pharmacy to buy finasteride. Another good reason might be that buying finasteride through a doctor is very expensive. Your health insurance is not going to cover these costs. And another reason can be, that you want to buy finasteride 5mg to save cost. These finasteride tablets you have to divide into four or five equal pieces so you have the appropriate dosage of 1mg that you need to take per day. However, a doctor is only going to give you a prescription for this finasteride if you have any health issues that are related to what this medicine is intended for, namely prostate disorders. You won’t be able to buy this finasteride with a prescription if you want to use it to treat your hair loss. You can only buy this finasteride without prescription via the internet. Let us once again list all the advantages:

  • Comfort: you can order finasteride 1mg from an online shop conveniently without leaving your easy chair to see a doctor for a prescription
  • Cheap: ordering online without prescription is heaps cheaper. You can easily save GBP540 or more per year!
  • Cheapest: ordering finasteride without prescription gives you the opportunity to buy finasteride 5mg tablets and split these up. This way you can save even more money.

Johan Cruijff

According to the legendary words of the late Johan Cruijff: “Each advantage has its disadvantage”. For the purpose of this topic we turn those words around. So after having explained the advantages of purchasing finasteride without prescription we now arrive at the disadvantage which also exists. That is, when you purchase finasteride without a doctor’s ordinance you must make sure that the finasteride is genuine; there is a lot of fakes on the internet as well as unbranded tablets. If you buy finasteride from a generic brand instead of Propecia you must make sure that it comes from a legit pharmaceutical company. Then there is nothing wrong.

You can buy finasteride without prescription from us. We have both original Propecia as well as generic brands, of which most are well-known. But we also sell generic brands that are less famous, nevertheless they are just as good as the well-known generic brands. Thus, the most important is that you do not change brand too often. Choose one brand and keep using it. If you choose us as your fixed supplier then you will be assured that you receive authentic finasteride, with which you can save a lot of money too. We are without doubt the cheapest supplier of 100% authentic, legit pharmaceutical brand finasteride on the internet.

Save money

Buying finasteride without prescription has subsequently a lot of advantages. If you buy finasteride from us there won’t be any disadvantages. You will save tons of cash, seriously:

The advantages of buying finasteride without prescription
Brand Without prescription (from us) With prescription (online doctor's consult)
Propecia From 30 pounds From 75 pounds
Proscar From 15 pounds Not available
Generic 1mg From 15 pounds From 70 pounds
Generic 5mg From 10 pounds Not available

The above price comparison quickly shows that buying finasteride online with prescription is much cheaper. If you order Propecia from us, you will save more than 45 pounds per month compared to the online pharmacy. On an annual base that is at least 540 pounds. An enormous amount of money!

If you want to save even more money, then you choose one of our generic brands of finasteride 1mg. These are only half the price of our Propecia. At the online pharmacy the prices for Propecia and generic finasteride 1mg are very similar. Therefore the choice is easy made if you decide to use a generic brand. Buy this finasteride without prescription from us and you save 660 pounds per year.

Illustration for buying Proscar without prescription vs buying Propecia with prescription
Buy Proscar without prescription - reliable and yet so cheap!
It can be even more cheap!

Finally, you can go even one step further in saving cost. Yep, that’s right. Choose a generic brand of finasteride 5mg. Each box or strip - regardless of the finasteride brand - contains 10 tablets. Also for these it holds true that it’s not available through an online doctor’s ordinance if you want to treat Androgenetic Alopecia. And also here, we do sell them without prescription.