"Buy finasteride: Pharmacy"

You can also buy finasteride online from a pharmacy. They have a pharmacist license that gives them access to famous brands such as Propecia and several English generic brands of finasteride. At some of these online pharmacies the prescription can be ordered online through a doctor’s consult. This means you don’t need to go visit your family doctor to get a prescription. However, these online pharmacies are really expensive. They are even more expensive than the pharmacy at your street corner. That is because they need to cover the cost for shipping the product and the prescription that must be released by a doctor who needs to get his fair share.

An online shop is the best choice

The average online shop where you can buy finasteride without prescription does not have Propecia in their assortment. In this regard the (online) pharmacy has an abvious advantage. A large disadvantage though is the fact that they are really expensive. We have made a comparison between the prices of the online pharmacy and the prices we offer. It gives a clear picture of the savings you can easily achieve.

We are not an average online shop: from us you can buy Propecia and even Proscar, without prescription, that is bought by us directly from a legit pharmacy in a country where finasteride is available over the counter. Our Propecia and Proscar are exactly the same medicines of pharmaceutical Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) that you can buy from a pharmacy in England or any other European country. The only difference is that the packaging and information leaflet is localized to a country where it is allowed to sell these medicines through official pharmacies without a prescription. Oh, and the price of course; which is much much lower. That’s our formula for success.

Buying finasteride 5mg at a pharmacy - Forget it

Except higher prices there is something else you need to be aware of when you plan to buy finasteride from a pharmacy. They don’t sell finasteride 5mg such as Proscar or an equivalent generic brand. These tablets are meant for the treatment of prostate related diseases and won’t be prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of male pattern hair loss. If you want to save money but insist on using finasteride from the same manufacturer as Propecia, then you won’t find any luck with an online pharmacy. The average online shop also doesn’t have the real Proscar. We do.

Buying finasteride through an online pharmacy with prescription requirement limits your purchase options to 1mg tablets. If you want some real leverage in regards to saving money, then you should buy generic finasteride 5mg tablets. Just make sure that the generic brand comes from a legally established pharmaceutical company. The country of origin doesn’t matter. Besides the original Propecia and Proscar we have several of these legit, pharmaceutical grade generic brands.

Save heaps of cash

Have a look again at our “without prescription” page for a straightforward depiction of the savings you achieve when you buy finasteride from us instead of an online pharmacy. A random pick: exactly the same Propecia for a price that is 60% lower. Count your savings!