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The easiest for you is to buy finasteride online. Because it won’t be necessary for you to go see a doctor and ask for a prescription. Instead you can order finasteride from an online shop, or at some online pharmacies. On the page without prescription we have summed up the advantages and disadvantages of buying finasteride from an online shop versus a pharmacy. Buying from an online shop is much cheaper with prices that are often more than half less than those of a pharmacy that offers a prescription ‘consult’ online. And we are without doubt the cheapest online shop out there, with original finasteride brands that you won’t be able to buy from other online shops. Think of Propecia.

We also sell the original Proscar, these tablets you won’t find from other online shops either. As we mention on the first page of this website, many suppliers market Propecia and Proscar but once you arrive at the checkout cart it will read somewhere generic, and most of the time without even mentioning the generic brand name. But also (online) pharmacies won’t sell you these tablets because they are only prescribed for men with prostate enlargement issues.

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Other populair brands are Finpecia and Fincar, both produced by pharmaceutical CIPLA LTD. These brands are only continentally available from us if you are from the UK (glad to have you) or another European country. We buy this finasteride ourselves from a pharmacy where it is available as an OTC medicine. OTC stands for Over-the-counter, in other words, available without prescription.

With the wide choice of finasteride that is available, we understand very well that you might be confused about which brand you should buy online. The prices can vary a lot. You could buy 1mg tablets or 5mg tablets online. Is the easy of use more important for you than the cost, then go for the 1mg tablets. Within this finasteride category you will have the choice between several brands such as Propecia and Finpecia, with the latter being cheaper. If you choose 5mg tablets then you will have to split them up into five equal parts in order to approach the recommended dosage of 1mg per day. They are much cheaper than 1mg tablets. And you will still have the option to use finasteride from the same manufacturer as Propecia, because they also produce finasteride 5mg under the name Proscar. These you can also buy online from us.

The most important advice that we can give you is that you shouldn’t change brand too often. Give your body the chance to get familiar with a finasteride brand and then keep using it. It is important that you find a reliable supplier who sells original brands, and of course for the cheapest prices if possible. Together with the supplier you can then build up a carefree routine for the years to come and enjoy your beautiful hair.

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