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You have probably already noticed that we are not the only supplier of finasteride. The internet is packed with online shops where you can buy finasteride. These points of sale can be divided into two categories: the online pharmacy and the online shop.

Before you decide to buy finasteride you should ask yourself if you are willing to buy finasteride without prescription. On this website we will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of buying finasteride online so you can make a proper purchase decision.

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If you suffer from male pattern hair loss, in medical terms also called Androgenetic Alopecia, there is still good news for you. Because you can do something about this: take finasteride. In other words, if you buy finasteride you will be able to stop your hair loss. And, in most cases you will also be able to regain some of your lost hairs. Areas on your head with low hair density or even bald spots will improve and become denser with new hair growth, which will make you look younger (read: better) again. To what extend to you will notice improvements depends on several factors. The most important is the stage of hair loss in which you find yourself. Inherited male baldness follows a fixed pattern of hair loss which makes it relatively easy to determine if you are suffering from this type of hair loss and thus whether buying finasteride makes sense or not. Besides, you can adjust your expectations of finasteride based on the stage of hair loss that applies to you.

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As soon as you have made the decision to buy finasteride from an online shop, the quest for a reliable supplier gets started. This is not an easy task. Try a search query for “buy finasteride” on Google and you will be flooded with a jumble of clamorous websites without a clear message. This is also the reason that we decided to join hands and build an honest, transparent online platform where people like you can buy finasteride that is reliable. Reliable? Oh yes. We only sell original finasteride from brands such as Propecia and Finpecia which we buy ourselves from a ‘brick and mortar’ pharmacy in a country where it’s allowed to buy finasteride without prescription. These tablets are produced by the official manufacturers with a product packaging and instruction leaflet that is localized for the country where we buy these finasteride products.

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The prices for finasteride often do not differ too much between online suppliers. At least, when you compare the same brands with each other. It is important to be aware of the fact that suppliers often flirt with Propecia but as soon as you arrive at the checkout process they will discretely mention somewhere it is a generic version. Generic can mean anything and it is not recommendable. There is nothing wrong with generic finasteride per se, but the brand must be clearly mentioned. We have without doubt the cheapest finasteride on the internet. Considering you need to take finasteride on a daily base; you can save a lot of money if you are price consciousness when you buy finasteride. Nowhere you will find original branded finasteride as cheap as ours. Order from us and start saving money.

Finasteride information

Please take into account that using finasteride can cause side effects. Therefore, it is important that you carefully follow the dosage and other instructions according to the information leaflet. You must also be aware of the possible finasteride interactions with other medicines that you might be using. Contraindications are situations in which it is advised not to use finasteride. For example, it is advised not to use finasteride approximately three months before conception because it can lower the chances of fertilization. All in all, all the important information you need to know about finasteride can be found in the information leaflet.